Welcome to my journey!

Hi there! Thanks for joining me on this journey to a happier, more positive life! My name is Lexi, and I started this blog as a passion project to spread happiness and share beauty happening in the world around me! I found that too often we, as a society, are hyper focused on negatives and I’ve decided to try and change that by making a conscious effort to see the world through a rose colored lens.

This blog comes at a time in my life that I’m experiencing transitions, growth, and major life changes. Through the midst of it all, I wanted something fun and creative of my own. As a person, I’m often defined as an optimistic, happy, and outgoing individual. With this in mind, I wanted a platform to share this outlook with others in hopes of impacting the lives of those around me.

For those who aren’t familiar, to see things through a rose colored lens means to “view life through glasses that are tinted in a pink or rose shade.  An optimistic perception of something; a positive opinion; seeing something in a positive way, often thinking of it as better than it actually is.” 

Make no mistake though…this is not to be confused with delusion. I’m aware that hardship and negative experiences are real and regular part of life. However, I’m also someone who recognizes that how you deal with these experiences can mean more than the experience itself. And for that, I choose to strive for positivity!

Hope you’ll continue to stick along for the ride! I promise it’ll be a good one 😉



Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier. — Colin Powell


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