Life Update

Hey there!

Excited to officially be launching my site! Wanted to provide a quick life update on what’s going on with me 🙂

By now, most people know that I’ve moved back to the DC area after living in California for 3.5 years. But, what isn’t as widely known is everything that’s happened since February….So here goes:

March: Kyle and I house hunted and found an amazing townhouse in Shirlington that we fell in love with! Shirlington is on the outskirts of DC, on the Virginia side. It’s a cute town that’s in South Arlington which is a perfect spot for us! It’s in close proximity to the city, which is perfect for me, but also has that quaint suburban-town feel which is more up Kyle’s alley. It’s right on the edge of Old Town Alexandria, which has the waterfront, and is also close to Pentagon City and Crystal City for some great shopping! In sum, I’m suuuuper stoked on where we’re living.


April: I started my new job!! I got hired back at the end of February, but my start date was set for April 9th since that’s when the next sales cohort was starting. This ended up being the perfect starting time for me because it gave me time to get home, get settled, and move into my new house! That month I had off was also a great span of time to unpack and get my house in order before jumping into work. But, that’s besides the point…I started at Cvent as a Senior Account Management Associate on the Event Solutions team! For those who are unfamiliar, Cvent is the leading event technology company. We provide software solutions to event planners and hoteliers to simplify and streamline their jobs! I’m SUPER pumped to be at this company for a number of reasons: for starters, well let’s be honest, it’s right up my alley! I’ve spent the last six years studying hospitality business and event planning is a passion of mine; On top of this, I’ve always wanted to get more into the tech field since it’s such a dynamic and growing industry; PLUS the fact the role is super similar to what I spent the last two years doing at SnackNation. So it’s actually a perfect mix of everything and I’m excited to continue to grow my career with this amazing company!


May: I officially went live in my role at work! The entire month of April I spent in training with Cvent, learning all of the products and Cvent specific sales techniques. But, on May 7th, I was officially “live” in my role which was super exciting because I can finally dive in and start making an impact! I spent the month of May getting acclimated in my role and learning my client base. Outside of work, Kyle and I also threw a housewarming party which was a huge success! We had our closest friends and family over to celebrate the fact that we’re finally under one roof, and let me tell ya, it was a TON of fun!

June: It’s only the second day of this month, but it’s already off to a great start! I’m currently en route to Emerald Isle, North Carolina for the annual Thunell Family Vacay!!! Arguably my favorite week of the year 🙂

In addition to everything above, I also had the chance to travel around the east coast a little bit for some fun milestones with friends! Some of the places include: NYC for two friends’ engagement, Baltimore to officially see my friend’s new townhouse and explore the city, Blacksburg to see my sistercousin graduate from Virginia Tech AND to see my college BFF + her pregnant belly(!!), and Lake Anna to celebrate MDW with family!


That’s it for now! Thanks for joining me on this ride we all call life! Can’t wait to continue to share my life with you all, as we strive to see all things through a rose colored lens!

Stay happy and positive, friends!




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