Welcome home, Jimmy!!

So it’s officially been one week since we introduced the newest member of our family to his fur-ever home!! It’s been a fun week with our Jimmy boy and it feels like a lifetime we’ve had him 🤗

It all started about a month ago when Kyle started randomly sending me photos of various puppies available for adoption. If you know Kyle, you know that sometimes he gets on these kicks where he obsesses over a subject and will research it to death. This was one of those moments and we’ve been here before…he’ll get a wild hair to look for pups and starts sending me pics, but we were always in a position where we couldn’t get a second one. But, this time was different: we’re officially in our own place together and Toby is in need of companion. (More on this later)

So, when Kyle was sending me these pictures it started getting more real that we were ACTUALLY considering a second fur baby! It was exciting but also nerve-wracking because I wasn’t sure how we’d fit a puppy into our busy schedules. But, much like any other change in life, you just figure it out.

Anyway, as Kyle was sending me pictures they were all of the blue nose pit variety, which has been Kyle’s DREAM dog since as long as I’ve known him. Kyle had very particular features of his dream dog (think: white paws, blue eyes, *a little bit* of white on his face, etc etc). Kyle is pretty extra sometimes so I just went with it. But my one stipulation was adoption. This was a non-negotiable for me. There are so many dogs and puppies out there that are in need of homes and at risk of euthanization that it was super important to me that we take this route.

Kyle was totally on board with this plan and started the research process accordingly! Given that Kyle had very particular qualities he was looking for, we had to broaden our searchable locations that we were willing to travel to pick up a pup from. We applied to a few different adoptable doggies, some in Alabama, Connecticut, and Tennessee. None of which got back to us 😔

Until finally, we applied to a little pup named Luke based out of Oklahoma City. We received an email back within MINUTES and had our application approved a few hours later! To say Kyle and I were ecstatic would be an understatement!!

Once we received the good news, we started looking at the flights the following Saturday! Lucky for us, Kyle had some travel points accumulated that made the trip that much more feasible! We found a good roundtrip on Saturday, July 7th from 6am-9pm that was just right 😄

Since I have so much experience traveling with Tobes, it was the natural decision that I’d be the one to make the trip to pick up Luke (now Jimmy)!

I was greeted at the airport by Jimmy and his foster mom, Stephanie, who was kind enough to chauffeur me around OKC to finalize the adoption! The process was smooth and easy, and the foundation owner was such a delight!

During this trip, I learned that Jimmy was rescued from a backyard breeder who didn’t take care of the pups at all. He had about 100 dogs in his backyard with terrible living conditions including pee and poop everywhereeee which contributed to Jimmy contracting hookworms in his intestines, and his litter mate coming down with parvo & being admitted to ICU 😔 Thanks to the good work at Country Roads Animal Rescue, these pups are on the mend to better health and better lives!!!

Oh, before I forget: Toby is LOVING his new brudder! Toby used to go to work with me every day when we lived in LA, so moving home to DC was a big change for him. He was lonely staying at home by himself, so having Jimmy to keep him company has been the best ever! Check out these pics of the puppy bros:

Can’t wait to share the continued adventures of Jimmy Jam & Toby Tater!!




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